What We Do

One of very few companies practicing this model, which is proven successful in all other regions of the world

Monetizing Gas Africa’s ambition is to become an Operator of gas, power and general energy infrastructure. We have not achieved this ambition yet. Our team’s career backgrounds lie in having performed operating, commercial and general management functions in major companies like ConocoPhillips, NRG, Consolidated Edison and Osaka Gas, as well as smaller less well-known companies. Running projects and assets is in our blood. 

For the time being, however, we depend on Project Finance – raising first the equity and then the debt on a project-by-project basis. For over six years we have been self-financed by the founders. This renders us a project development company at this stage in our lifecycle. 

Partnering with other companies large and small, we have designed LNG to power projects and competed for participation in such projects developed by other project developers, as well as other projects such as gas processing. In collaboration with partners, we are able to design and advance power projects from 200 MW up to 1000 MW or more.  

Our overriding reason for being is no longer to be “a top-tier developer, investor and operator of midstream gas assets in Africa”, as our first Purpose Statement read. Now, our Purpose is “to reduce energy poverty in Africa however, wherever and whenever we can add value to that gigantic task”. What we do, therefore, flows from all the ways we can imagine to contribute to the day when no African needs to go without modern energy in abundant supply, enough to meet all one’s essential needs and to prosper.