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MGA CEO Rodney MacAlister to speak at the Africa Investment Exchange conference

MGA CEO Rodney MacAlister to speak at the Africa Investment Exchange conference “AIX – Energy in Transition” in London April 27-28, 2022.

February 14, 2022 Once again the organizers of the AIX series of highly-respected energy conferences has invited our CEO, Rodney MacAlister, to address the conference on a panel discussing Gas to Power and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage. CCS/CCUS is now a vital part of the topic of gas-based power, as is evolution to Hydrogen over time. We are proud to contribute to this vanguard event and hope to see many industry colleagues there at RSA House.

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8 Rivers Capital and Monetizing Gas Africa Inc. to collaborate on development of innovative clean energy solutions in South Africa

1/10/21 (10 November, 2021) US clean energy innovation firm 8 Rivers Capital, LLC (8 Rivers), and Monetizing Gas Africa (Pty) Ltd. (MGA), have this week signed an initial agreement for the collaboration on projects to deploy innovative clean technology in South Africa based on the 8 Rivers’ technology suite to provide clean, efficient, and low-cost carbon-free hydrogen, power and fuels.

8 Rivers and MGA will consider the potential decarbonizing of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) imports in South Africa, whereby the resulting CO2 from the use of LNG is fully captured and disposed of to assist South Africa to further mitigate its over-dependence on emitting coal-fired power, and to help meet its expected COP26 emissions reduction NDCs (Nationally-Determined Contributions) while also alleviating its severe energy crisis. The initial step in the process will be for the parties to assess the viability, siting, and funding for a zero emissions LNG project, a process which is expected to commence early in 2022.  

MGA and 8 Rivers both recognize the opportunity to deploy clean hydrogen, power and fuels projects given the global energy transition amidst efforts to decarbonize the global energy sector, and are pleased to be able to work together to achieve this important goal, and recognize that bringing decarbonized projects to Africa will also serve as a critical vector for social and economic development for the region, helping Africa to ‘leap-frog’ into a low-emissions future.

Cam Hosie, Chief Executive of 8 Rivers Capital commented: “8 Rivers has been driving the energy transition for over a decade, developing best-in-class net zero solutions across sectors. We look forward to working closely with Monetizing Gas Africa to help South Africa and the broader region to utilize advanced technologies to cost effectively move to a low-carbon economy and a sustainable future.”

 Rodney MacAlister,  CEO of Monetizing Gas Africa. commented: “MGA is a South Africa born and bred energy project development company eager to assist the country with its Just Energy Transition in the cleanest of ways. 8 Rivers’ carbon-neutral technologies and development experience will enable South Africa to balance its generation supply dependability while ensuring zero carbon escapes into the atmosphere. We very much welcome this collaboration and look forward to jointly progressing major project developments.” 



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ABOUT 8 RIVERS CAPITAL LLC 8 Rivers Capital, LLC is a Durham, NC-based firm leading the invention and commercialization of sustainable, infrastructure-scale technologies for the global energy transition.  8 Rivers Capital is the inventor of the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, a paradigm-changing net zero power solution. 8 Rivers is also focusing on developing and deploying technologies for clean hydrogen and ammonia (8RH2), direct air capture, retrofit carbon capture, sour gas sweetening, and other advanced energy systems.

ABOUT MONETIZING GAS AFRICA (PTY) LTD Monetizing Gas Africa was conceived and incorporated in Cape Town in 2014, with a US affiliate incorporated in 2015. Originally established as a midstream gas infrastructure operator for Sub-Saharan Africa, the firm and its team have evolved over the years into a power project developer, since power is the anchor usage for gas, with much upside available through its many other applications.